Indico 5 Release Notes

This post was written by Ben Clark.

We Predict are proud to announce the introduction of the latest version of its Analytics system Indico. Version 5 brings a wealth of new features, visual updates and performance improvements that make the system even more useful and intuitive for Automotive OEMs and Tier 1 Suppliers.

Key Features

A New, Modern Look and Feel

In Indico 5 we rebuilt the visual structure of the system from the ground up. A new touch-enabled tile dashboard alerts users to key issues and problems quickly and effectively. A complete rewrite of the visual tree allows for a customized, theme-able interface. Improved charting controls add a wealth of new usability features.

Comparison to Weibull projection methods

We've added component-level Weibull projections to Indico to show how they compare to our own non-parametric methods. We believe while it has some useful applications in failure projection, Weibull analysis is not robust enough to model things like human behaviour, claim spikes or past performance. By comparing Indico's projections with Weibull, clients can make more informed decisions.

For more information on Weibull projection versus Non-Parametric models see the research paper The analysis of failure data and warranty claims data: A comparison and some lessons for automotive manufacturers

Financial Reporting

Indico 5 adds a new Financial Reporting system to aid budgeting.

Tier 1 Supplier Part and Dealer reporting

Indico 5 includes the release of Indico Supplier Insight - a set of reporting tools that allows Tier 1 Suppliers to provide key quality indicators. By using Supplier Insight, Suppliers can take control of their failure data, see emerging quality issues and have the data to back up their components' performance.

Increased Data Flexibility

We've added the ability to see and export all of the data for each reporting chart in its raw form. This allows for data to be cross-referenced and further analysed by 3rd party tools. To see the underlying data, click the "Toggle Grid" icon on any chart.

A universal "Right Click to Export" system has been added to all charts and grids. Simply right click an item to export to a format of your choice.

Improved Group Aggregation on Grids

We've added powerful aggregation systems to grids that allow you to see running totals for any column grouping combination. This powerful feature gives you the tools to see which areas have the greatest impact on your costs and claims ratios.

Massive Stability and Performance Increases

We've made hundreds of stability and performance changes to make Indico 5 the most robust and best performing system to date.

Full Changelog

  • Rewrite of visual tree
  • Moved report titles to main page
  • Rewritten and relocated menu system
  • New charting controls
  • New settings panel
  • New theming system and restyled UI
  • Grid toggle added to each chart to show the data driving it
  • Added powerful aggregation stats to grids
  • Exported charts have titles
  • Fixed issues with system hanging on startup
  • Application structure simplified
  • Reduced size of downloaded components
  • Moved chart exporting to the right click button
  • Added Weibull chart
  • Finance module
  • Moved to new data API
  • Added zoom reset buttons
  • Fixed issue with supplier claim grids not returning data
  • Restructured Dealer Dashboard
  • Improved performance across the whole system