New research paper and conference success

Swansea University Business School held it's first Postgraduate Research Conference in the department on Wednesday 15th May. Current postgraduate students were invited to submit a paper or poster focusing on an area of their research and present at the conference. Since I am completing a part-time M.Phil. with the School, the conference sounded like a nice opportunity to present some of my recent research work at We Predict and get a published paper for my efforts.

I scribbled together a rough draft for the initial draft deadline and after some good feedback from two anonymous referees, my academic supervisor, and the guys at the office (thanks everyone!), managed to get a nicely polished paper submitted for the conference.

The paper is entitled 'The analysis of failure data and warranty claims data: A comparison and some lessons for automotive manufacturers' (catchy I know) and focuses on some characteristics of failure data and claims data and the influence of these characteristics when performing analysis. Real examples show that care must be taken with warranty claims data analysis in particular as the added complication of customer behaviour with regards to warranty claims can have a big effect on failure disclosure to the manufacturer, and hence the claims distribution.

The conference was a big success with eleven presentations given throughout the day covering a wide range of research areas. Prizes were awarded during the drinks reception at the end of the day and I was very pleased to pick up the prize for best paper. Hopefully this conference will become an annual event and inspire other similar events to be organised. Presenting and discussing the latest areas of research with fellow experts can only be a good thing.

If you would like to read the paper, click on the link: The analysis of failure data and warranty claims data: A comparison and some lessons for automotive manufacturers. Comments and feedback are always welcome.

I'm hoping to write one or two follow-on papers in the coming months, and of course get my thesis finally submitted.