Indico v4.2 Release Notes

The following features/changes have been made to the version 4.2 release of Indico:

  • Application memory usage has been greatly reduced.
  • Model Year Vehicle Sales Tree Map has been added to the Home-Vehicle Summary page.
  • A Dealer Statistics Grid added to the Home-Dealer Summary page.
  • Home-Vehicle Summary Projected Cost Development by Vehicle chart is ordered by decreasing units sold.
  • Vehicle and Dealer comparison pages have been reworked.
  • Average Paid column added to the Home-Dealer Summary Projected Overspend grid.
  • Optimum screen resolution advice added to the login page.
  • Data Pagers have been removed from all data grids.
  • Busy indicators have been restyled.
  • A busy indicator is displayed whilst changing password.
  • Account approval notification emails are now sent to users.
  • Chart and map tool tips have been restyled.
  • Users are redirected to the login page in the event that an unrecoverable error occurs.
  • Improved the performance of the parameter selector breadcrumbs.
  • Added server side error logging.
  • Telerik Silverlight libraries upgraded to Q3 2012.