We Predict Work Ethos

This post was written by Ben Clark.

We do things a little differently

At We Predict we don’t believe that work should be a 9-to-5 occupation that simply pays the bills, we don’t believe that you can tell someone to sit at a desk for 8 hours a day and expect them to develop great new things. We know that often the best ideas come when you’re doing something completely unrelated and we know that people should be treated like people and not machines.

We believe this so much that we created an ethos to sum up all of our feelings into something that really reflects who we are, and we stick to it.

Work Ethos Board

So here’s a few things we do differently;


Trust underpins everything we do at We Predict and it’s the reason we can work the way we do, everyone in the company knows that they can rely on each other, everyone knows there are no weak links. We trust each other because we are friends, we’re all working towards a common goal. This trust means that people have the chance to shine in their areas of expertise, to take the longer but ultimately more rewarding route.

Informal Working & No Clock Watching

Many companies consider themselves to have informal working, generally you’ll have a set amount of hours to work every week and this can be split up fairly flexibly. We take this to another level; If you want to work at midnight it’s fine. In office or at home, it’s fine. You can split your office time in any way you see fit. We care about creating cool stuff, not clock watching, because what’s the point of working 9-5 if you’re completely drained by 3?

We do have working hours, but again they’re a little different. Our working week is a max of 35 hours, and if you’re regularly exceeding that then we need to look at our resources. We have no timesheets and no clocking in or out, we believe that people achieve their best when they are in control of their own working lives. Of course this works both ways; in the times when things need to be done quickly or others need help we’re happy to go the extra mile and get things done, and of course this only works because of the trust we have in each other.

This is reflected too in our holiday book, or lack thereof. We’re happy to let people have days off when they need them and to take two proper holidays a year.

A Level Playing Field & No Offices

We’re proud to have an office with no pecking order; In the office we’re all equal, we’re all together with no cubicles or partitions, we all have the same desks and we can all talk to each other. Unlike a lot of companies we all talk and socialise together, there are no social divides and nothing is off limits, nobody is considered more important than anyone else and nobody is exempt from making the coffee.

We work like this because it brings out the best in people. People don’t feel scared to question someone’s opinion if they think it’s not right, or to suggest a different way of doing things just because they’ve been made to feel less important. We have a well structured reporting hierarchy that flexes to facilitate the temporary groups we create to finish projects.

An Awesome Office

Environment is incredibly important to us because we know that if people don’t like being in the office, because it’s dull or quiet or void of colour then people will become miserable. It’s a simple as that. Our office environment is different, it’s colourful; we have a Giant F1 Mural that takes up an entire wall. We have a dedicated gaming area with a big tv, PS3, sofas and a racing seat where we can all get together (normally many times a day) to play games and relax.

We have a huge collection of mix cds that people create and play to the office to share the music we love. We also enjoy a good game of Radio Roulette.

We’re so committed to having a great office that in the build up to moving to a larger office we’ve completely custom designed it with everyone in the team having input into what will make it comfortable for them, but more on that later.

Profit Sharing

At We Predict we share the profits of the business, because successful businesses are profitable and that profit is derived directly from the hard work of the employees. There’s no better de-motivator than creating innovative new things just to have your success end up in the pockets of the people at the top, you’d get paid the same if you hadn’t bothered. By sharing the profits of the business we create an atmosphere where people are driven to go the extra mile and make the more difficult but ultimately better decisions.

Company Socialising

We’re big believers in blurring the lines between office and home life, but not in the way most companies like to. We often have impromptu social events, from golf days, to Football evenings, to BBQs (Most recently our Olympic Opening Ceremony BBQ), nights out and our legendary Christmas Meal. These are not so much astroturfed “team building days” but a real desire to get together as friends and not just colleagues.

And that’s it really, it’s some simple steps that really make We Predict the best place to work I’ve ever heard of (although it’s not like I’m biased or anything!) - BC